It's called specialty coffee. Roasted lighter to enhance all the exciting flavours. To really taste them it's important to drink fresh. That's why we send our mailbox-friendly coffee within one week after roasting. And always with a better price for the farmers - thanks to you.

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Specialty coffee is the very best coffee in the world. Only 1% of the total production falls into this category. The beans are valued according to eleven criteria drawn up by the Specialty Coffee Association. These points are assessed by tasting, also known as cupping, and this is done by an independent assessor. This is how we get the high 82+ cupping score for all our coffees.

All the special flavours of specialty coffee are best appreciated about one week after roasting. After about six weeks, it gradually loses more flavour. With Wakuli, you take your last cup of coffee - just when a new bag drops through the letterbox. So you can enjoy fresh specialty coffee easily and non-stop.

Coffee tastes even better when you know you’re doing something good by drinking it. We create a direct, transparent coffee chain and valuable contact between you and the farmer. Real exchanges improve the quality of your cup of coffee and the living conditions of coffee farmers.

Wake up your 

taste buds.

You always get the highest quality coffee with a cupping score of 82+. Only coffees with such high scores are allowed to bear the name specialty coffee. We roast lighter to enhance all the exciting flavours already inside. So wake up your taste buds with rich dark chocolate or juicy red fruit. Take them on a flavour trip around the world.

And because you experience all these flavours at their best when coffee is fresh, we send it immediately after roasting.

Wake up your taste buds.

Our coffee:





100% arabica

100% arabica

100% robusta

100% compostable

Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Ethiopia

Works on Nespresso© machines

Changes monthly

Exciting Flavours

Honduras & Brazil

Smooth all-rounder


Packs a punch

Get your coffee in 3 steps.

Simple & flexible.

Decide for yourself. Switch on/off whenever you want.

Wake up to the Wakuli way.

Do you know who grew your coffee? Are you aware of all the challenges smallholder coffee farmers face each day? Coffee should be beneficial to both ends. That's why we source directly from coffee farmers we know personally. And only involve those who add real value to the journey from bean to cup. That’s not only a promise. We can prove it. Starting by always paying the farmers more than what they earned before. It's a long way to go. But we are moving fast. Are you ready to go on this journey with us?



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